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It starts when you wake up, the importance of a morning routine

I was that person that used to role out of bed pretty much to get ready for work everyday  and the only thing I did consistently was walk Scruffy, my little blind dog. At the time, I didn't find the importance of having a morning routine. 

Now I know, as an entrepreneur, as a mindset and success coach; the morning routine is the way you MOLD the day. Your morning routine sets the intentions for the day. When you set intentions for the day, you are communicating to yourself on a subconscious level what you desires are.

I created this blog post as a gentle reminder that having some type of morning practice is very important for yourself, and your own personal self-care. 


Here are a few things I have picked up over the years regarding a morning routine. 


1. Don't automatically look at your phone!  I know super hard and I have been guilt of it as we'll, for real but stop it. Keep it hidden and wake up to the good old fashioned alarm or...

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3 Lessons Learned in Mexico

I had the pleasure of being in Mexico during the week of Birthday last week and had a lot of down time to do some reflection and creative work. 

Here are a few things I though of during my trip that I wanted to share with you. 

1.  Gratitude Isn't Just an Attitude

Yes, we can give gratitude verbally, written or in thought but having the attitude is not enough. Yes having the mental state of gratitude is very important however it doesn't penetrate us at the soul level. Its the difference between knowing and actually doing. Knowledge will only take you so far. We can claim to "know something" but when it comes to implementing it into our lives, it shows up in a different way. It's about embodiment.  When you are embodying gratitude it reverberates through you to your core.  


 2. Stop Worrying 

This cliche response can be annoying I know but give me a minute to explain. I had a total light bulb moment when I was in Mexico, I...

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Journal Prompts To Reflect On 2020

mindset self-care Dec 19, 2020

Its close to the end of 2020,  and what a year it has been am I right?

There is nothing more refreshing than stepping into the New Year wiped completely clean of any old baggage that you may still be holding onto so I have created some journal prompts that will help you reflect and properly celebrate the accomplishments in the last 12 months.  Completing these will help you prepare yourself to be a CLEAN SLATE for this new year 2021. 

Take some time to reflect on these, it's a go at your own pace process. Here are you 10 questions. 


1. What are you MOST proud of accomplishing last year? What did you overcome? How did you grow? What did you create? Remember we went through a global pandemic so be gentle on yourself. 


2. What are things you intentioned to accomplish this year and HAVEN't yet? Again please be gentle with yourself as we did have to deal with a global pandemic. Just make a note of what you want to carry in into 2021 if you had...

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Getting It Done: 3 Tips To Use Time Effectivly

healthy habits mindset Apr 20, 2020

I woke up this morning feeling totally rested. But part of me just wanted to stay in bed. After all, it was only 6am. 

So I closed my eyes for a few minutes but then they popped open again.

What did I have on my plate today?

I did a quick review of my calendar and noted nothing until 10am, great I had a few hours to take it easy! 

So I had a choice to make, I could either get up and get my morning routine started or stay in bed for a an hour more. 

So if I started procrastinating, my day would fall apart.

To be honest, if I decided to label myself as a procrastinator, I simply would not have the lifestyle that I have. 

I know from personal experience that putting things off and waiting until the last minute doesn’t serve you.

How do I know? I just do. Procrastinating helps no one. In fact, it will only hold you back and distance you from your dreams.

I have a few ideas that will help you stay on track. Mind if I share them? 
First, can I ask you a...

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The end of a decade..

mindset Dec 27, 2019

Can you believe that the end of the year is coming up in 4 days?!

I sure can't.

And it's not just the end of the year, it's an end of a decade! 

I went to a entrepreneurial event a few weeks ago Friday land was asked the question. Where were you 20 years ago? I urge you to think about that for a minute. How about 10 years ago?

For me. I was in my 2nd year in college with big aspiration of changing the world about 20 years ago and 10 years ago I was about 1/2 way through my Masters degree at San Diego State. Although the same Sarita is still in there desiring to change the world and make a difference, I am a new person than I was then. 

I encourage you to do an exercise. As we come up to the end of the year I want you to write down all the items you have accomplished in the last 10 years, ok? List them down! Thats everything, not just big events like weddings or having a baby. I want you to write down the events like, paying off a credit card, or meeting a new friend that's...

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