The 101 of setting boundaries

healthy habits self-care May 20, 2021

Boundaries are the limits that we set on our time, energy, and space with ourselves or another person. There are times that boundaries can feel challenging to set in place, so I have come up three reasons why boundaries can be a little challenging. 

There are two types of boundaries, internal and external. 

Internal boundaries

These are the limits that you set with yourself and are extremely personal. In general, I like to describe having strong internal boundaries as keeping promises to yourself.

External boundaries

Unlike internal boundaries, these are the types of boundaries that include another person or persons, like a friend or mother-in-law, partner, employee, or sibling. 

Step one: acknowledge boundaries might feel tricky

The process of setting boundaries is never cut and dry. It can time many years of practice and self-work to get more comfortable with saying No to others can tell you what is too much or too little, you are the only one that can do so. 

Step two: assess your priorities

It’s impossible to set boundaries without first knowing what’s worth protecting. Spend some time writing down and getting clear on what is a priority to you within your self development and healing. 


Step three: communicate as needed

Setting effective boundaries requires honest communication – with yourself and the other people in your life. Remember how you treat yourself is a communication to others on how you want to be treated. 

Signs boundaries would be helpful

Some common telltale signs that you’d benefit from setting boundaries in your life are:

  • You feel like you don’t have time for yourself
  • You’re quickly frustrated when someone asks something of you
  • You feel that people are influencing your decisions in life
  • You’re harboring feelings of anger and resentment

While the above is not an exhaustive list, it’s a great starting point to assess your current relationship with boundaries.

Hope this has been helpful, please drop us a note at [email protected] if anything resonates with you. 




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