It starts when you wake up, the importance of a morning routine

I was that person that used to role out of bed pretty much to get ready for work everyday  and the only thing I did consistently was walk Scruffy, my little blind dog. At the time, I didn't find the importance of having a morning routine. 

Now I know, as an entrepreneur, as a mindset and success coach; the morning routine is the way you MOLD the day. Your morning routine sets the intentions for the day. When you set intentions for the day, you are communicating to yourself on a subconscious level what you desires are.

I created this blog post as a gentle reminder that having some type of morning practice is very important for yourself, and your own personal self-care. 


Here are a few things I have picked up over the years regarding a morning routine. 


1. Don't automatically look at your phone!  I know super hard and I have been guilt of it as we'll, for real but stop it. Keep it hidden and wake up to the good old fashioned alarm or smart watch or perhaps set your coffee on wake up mode so you can smell that to awaken your senses.  

2. Drink water, lots and lots of water, but not too fast.  It's pretty common sense that our bodies are void of water for 6-8 hours of sleep so best to replenish your body with some water, room temp if possible.

3. Get moving! I like to go on a walk first thing in the morning because it's a great way to wake up. I got accustomed to doing it when I had a dog so I maintained the habit afterwards.  Even if it getting up to do a few stretches to get the blood moving, do that! 

4. Do some sort of self reflection. I personally love doing my yoga stretch then mediation and then some mini-journaling exercise. Struggling for time putting this work in? Write a few mantras down in sharpie or lipstick on your mirror so you can repeat them to yourself as you get ready for the day! 

5. Set the intentions for the day to set the tone. You can do that verbally while you brushing your teeth, making your coffee or even driving to work. Set the tone for the day so you can come back and live by it throughout the day. 

Find these tips helpful? Send me a response back to let me know your thoughts at [email protected]



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