Are you ready to transform your view on money and abundance in just 5 days?!


If you have been feeling stuck in the rut with your manifesting process around money and you have tried vision boarding, scripting, the crystals, watching manifesting TikToks & Youtube Videos and STILL find yourself confused with why it's not working... this workshop is for you!
If you are on this page right now it's because you are craving results! 


But you are feeling a bit confused on WHY the results are not occurring for you even though you have been it the effort.

Let me drop a little truth your way..


Abundance, money, wealth, love etc doesn’t need to HARD to obtain, we make it hard to obtain because we have been taught that it takes a LOT OF EFFORT to get the things we desire in life. 


But what if I told you that MORE effort IS NOT what is needed from you...


You see, energy is simple. 

Energy needs space to fill up. 

The only way for

energy to be present

is if there is  space for it

and if you are not making room

for energy to be present,

it will move on. 

This is the Law of Vacuum.

To receive abundance,

money, the new career, love,

the prosperity

you must make room for it. 



I Want Inside Now!
Let’s take this to the body level...⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Our bodies are energy, and store memories which in fact convert at an energetic level to our vibrational energy ‚Äúbeing‚ÄĚ which communicates directly to the universe.¬†

When we have stagnant, stuck, repressed and gummed up energy which is held in our minds and body in the way of a ‚Äúbelief system‚ÄĚ , even with the most potent mindset work out there will¬† not allow our emotional bodies to be on board with a new way of thinking.¬†

In other words, if we are not working on the body level to heal repressed emotions and  beliefs around our relationship with money, financial abundance and or love we will not be able to manifest the abundance we actually desire with ease. 

Most likely these beliefs that you are carrying around with you in your body are ideas that were absorbed at a young age. 

Perhaps you witnessed your parents fighting about finances so your belief could sound something like this:

  • Having money is unsafe, money brings conflict into my life
  • Perhaps you saw your immigrant parents or your single mom work 2 and maybe even 3 jobs to make ends meet. Your story might be
  • I have to work really hard for money, money doesn‚Äôt come easily
  • Perhaps you witnessed a family member receive a lot of money and they either spent it all or were constantly asked from other family members to borrow money.¬†
  • Money is inconsistent. If I have a lot of it more problems arise.¬†


None of these instances are experiences you had first hand with money but you absorbed the belief, it froze in time in your nervous system and is now been a part of how you move, operative and navigate in your relationship with money.

And that is why it is time to undo those stories AND...


During this program you will learn that:


  • It's not your fault you have been feeling stuck in your manifestation process
  • You will¬†discover a more¬†sense of EASE in your process¬†
  • You will¬†learn how to use your emotions as you alley in the manifestation process
  • You will discover how to actually BE a magnet to what you desire¬†


Get all THIS by signing up now so you can be a magnet to what you desire in your life and also do it with a sense of EASE! 

Day One

Scarcity is NOT your fault. We have been set up in a society to be exposed to scarcity mindset and experiences. 

Day Two

Learn the most common abundance and money blocks that keep us from manifesting with EASE.  

Day Three

Learn about the nervous system and it's LARGE importance when it comes to manifestation, abundance and feeling safe with money. 

Day Four

Lots of information out there about manifesting does not actually share with you important factors to BE a magnet to what you desire, discover that in Day 4. 

Day Five

Did you being abundant is actually a radical act? Tying to Day 1 and everything you have learned through the workshop you will discover that being in abundance emotionally, physically and spiritually impacts the collective in ways beyond your wildest imagination.   

What is included?

5 Days of Videos to help you transform your view on abundance and money

Journal Prompts To Help You Uncover The Layers 

Found member pricing, access to additional material when program runs again. 

This 5 Day Workshop is designed to be an unforgettable and transformative experience. With guided session exercises and a workbook, you will leave this event aligned and ready to embrace your best life. 


About your host

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Sarita Buer has been helping people find their center and inner wealth wellness for the last 2.5 years. Her teaching is wholistic approach which combines mindset, meditation and somatic healing based practices to provide you with a dynamic experience sure to change your life.