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As a woman we are powerful beings AND..
We often leave ourselves out of the equation because we have been socialized and internalized the feeling of unworthiness.  
I know from personal experience what living life not for myself looks like. 
Through many chapters, trial and error, pain, sorrow and loss; I took my power back by getting ride of layers that didn't serve me so I could create the life I deserved. 
I am on a mission to help 100k women, like you, declutter energy to reclaim your power and inner alignment to become a magnet to what you desire!


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Epically Authentic & Empowered is an all in one program where you will learn how to dig deeper into your subconscious to retrain your beliefs and live your most authentic life you wear meant to live EVER!


Meet Me...

Sarita is a Soul-Care, Mindset & Empowerment coach, passionate about self-love, healing and manifestation and is the founder of Sarita Wellness.  

What first began as a journey of self-exploration has since developed into a full grown business.   Sarita's wholistic approach combines intuitive work and mindset work which helps women reclaim their inner power.  She created this business to help women in their self-love, healing and manifestation journeys.

Living as an authentic example of what is possible when you activate the hidden power of the mind,  Sarita has inspired and transformed many women. Sarita's wholistic approach which combines, intuitive, healing and mindset work will help you reignite your inner voice and reclaim your power so you can manifest the life you desire. 



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