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 Ever feel like you have tried everything from crystals, scripting, journaling, vision boards and visualization and not much seems to be manifesting for you?

I know the feeling big time...I used to desire to badly to improve the factors in my life and I thought by just changing my environment  that would change

Boy was I wrong! 

It was not until I started to deconstruct the layers, go deeper into my relationship with myself and reclaim the parts of me that I had forgotten, that things started to shift in my reality. 

Yes things like scripting and journaling are powerful tools  to utilize along-side the shadow work. but alone they won't make much impact

It's when you decide to face the parts of you that you have been ignoring and avoiding  is when you will start to see your reality shift.

This is what we call identity work and that is what I am here to support you with.  

Meet Me...

Sarita is a Inner Wealth Wellness & Abundance Guide and Podcaster who is passionate about wellness, healing, abundance, self-love and is the founder of Sarita Wellness.  

What first started out as a chapter of self-exploration later developed into a full grown business.¬† Sarita combines a wholistic approach when it comes to emotional wellness which includes intuitive, healing, mindset and self-love. The purpose of this work it to help as many women to heal the parts of themselves so they can be a magnet to what they desire. Sarita share lots of tips, resources and tools on my podcast¬† ‚ÄúBack To Here With Sarita‚ÄĚ

Living as an authentic example of what is possible when you activate the hidden power of the mind,  Sarita has inspired and transformed many women. Join here now in your transformation!  



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