Journal Prompts To Reflect On 2020

mindset self-care Dec 19, 2020

Its close to the end of 2020,  and what a year it has been am I right?

There is nothing more refreshing than stepping into the New Year wiped completely clean of any old baggage that you may still be holding onto so I have created some journal prompts that will help you reflect and properly celebrate the accomplishments in the last 12 months.  Completing these will help you prepare yourself to be a CLEAN SLATE for this new year 2021. 

Take some time to reflect on these, it's a go at your own pace process. Here are you 10 questions. 


1. What are you MOST proud of accomplishing last year? What did you overcome? How did you grow? What did you create? Remember we went through a global pandemic so be gentle on yourself. 


2. What are things you intentioned to accomplish this year and HAVEN't yet? Again please be gentle with yourself as we did have to deal with a global pandemic. Just make a note of what you want to carry in into 2021 if you had it on your list. 


3. What are some challenges or obstacles that you experienced in the last 12 months? 


4. What did you LEARN from these challenges and obstacles? How can you turn them into opportunities in the New Year? 


5. How did each of these lessons SERVE you and make the past year an important year for your personal growth?


6. What lessons are you committed to taking into this upcoming year, so you can grow instead of experiencing and carrying some of the similar things and repeating them again? 


7.  If you were to describe 2020 in a year or phrase what would it be>


8. If you were to give 2020 a rating what would it be?


9. What are you committed to LETTING GO from the 2020? What do you need to cut the cord or dismiss out of your life?


10. If you were to describe the upcoming year 2021 in one year what is the word you want to carry with you throughout the year?


I hope these journal prompts are helpful to you. I have done my reflective work and realized that 2020 was actually quite the magical year!  If you want to learn more about me and the last year make sure to follow me on social media as I unfold unfold what occurred and how I personally grew. 





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