The end of a decade..

mindset Dec 27, 2019

Can you believe that the end of the year is coming up in 4 days?!

I sure can't.

And it's not just the end of the year, it's an end of a decade! 

I went to a entrepreneurial event a few weeks ago Friday land was asked the question. Where were you 20 years ago? I urge you to think about that for a minute. How about 10 years ago?

For me. I was in my 2nd year in college with big aspiration of changing the world about 20 years ago and 10 years ago I was about 1/2 way through my Masters degree at San Diego State. Although the same Sarita is still in there desiring to change the world and make a difference, I am a new person than I was then. 

I encourage you to do an exercise. As we come up to the end of the year I want you to write down all the items you have accomplished in the last 10 years, ok? List them down! Thats everything, not just big events like weddings or having a baby. I want you to write down the events like, paying off a credit card, or meeting a new friend that's made an impact, even if you volunteered one time in your local community, WRITE IT DOWN!

I know you can come up with at least 10 things. Take a look at that list and pat yourself on the back. YOU DID THAT! You are amazing at what you do. 

As 2019 comes to a close reflect on how those events in your last 10 years has shaped you to who you are TODAY!


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