Getting It Done: 3 Tips To Use Time Effectivly

healthy habits mindset Apr 20, 2020

I woke up this morning feeling totally rested. But part of me just wanted to stay in bed. After all, it was only 6am. 

So I closed my eyes for a few minutes but then they popped open again.

What did I have on my plate today?

I did a quick review of my calendar and noted nothing until 10am, great I had a few hours to take it easy! 

So I had a choice to make, I could either get up and get my morning routine started or stay in bed for a an hour more. 

So if I started procrastinating, my day would fall apart.

To be honest, if I decided to label myself as a procrastinator, I simply would not have the lifestyle that I have. 

I know from personal experience that putting things off and waiting until the last minute doesn’t serve you.

How do I know? I just do. Procrastinating helps no one. In fact, it will only hold you back and distance you from your dreams.

I have a few ideas that will help you stay on track. Mind if I share them? 
First, can I ask you a question?

What do you think causes you to procrastinate?

Do you think you “don’t have enough time?”

Or that you have always “been this way” and are not sure how to do things differently?

Are you thinking maybe you’re just lazy?

There’s no such thing as being lazy. Getting down to business is a choice. 
And even if you’ve always “been this way” it doesn’t mean you’ll always BE this way. You can learn to be productive.

The only real answer is how you are choosing to manage your time.

Here are 3 simple ways to help you use your time effectively. You’ll not only finish on time, you’ll also reach your deadlines in advance.

1. Get a Journal (Paper or digital? Doesn’t matter.)

Ready, set, start writing!

What do you need to do?

What has to happen NEXT—before the next event triggers?

When do you need to have it done by?

2. Calendar Everything!

Learn how to use Google calendar or iCal - omg talk about life savers. I

say to my friends that if it's not in the calendar it's probably not going to happen! 

3. Time Blocking.

Yep. I have spoken to numerous entrepreneurs and they all say that to be able to chip away at a huge goal, the best thing to do is block off time.  

There are so many apps out there that are great for time blocking.

These three tips will set you on the right track to getting things done.


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