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healthy habits Jan 25, 2020


Its a new year and people around the globe are throwing away old habits and starting new ones. The gyms are packed as people try to loose weight and try to stay committed to their new lives. I personally feel it hard to commence new habits but with a little help from these tips below you can more easily work them into your schedule . What are you new years plans?! 



The point of forming a new habit is to make yourself more productive and efficient, not chain yourself to a sheet of paper.

Make sure your routines and checklists are not time-crunched so that you have time left to socialize or relax. You don’t want to restrict your life so be conscious of each area and find a balance.


When you are trying to create a new habit, you want things to be as simple as possible and clear. The only way to do that is to become organized.

Create folders for each day of the week that you can refer to or keep your checklists in a neat pile somewhere you will see and use them.



For a habit to stick, you have to have the discipline to make it.

Procrastination happens to the best of us, but it is important to make sure it doesn’t get to the point of wreaking havoc in our lives.

Completing these checklists according to the rules will help you build self-discipline so pay attention!


Stress can cripple our health and derail our goals if we don’t keep a healthy balance in all aspects of our lives.

When you review your weekly lists, also take a moment to reflect on how much stress the routines cause, are you trying to do too much? Maybe you don’t want to do something you originally listed.


Your routine is meant to enhance your life not hinder it. Make sure your routine is built to take care of you, your health, your body, and your overall happiness.


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