2020: 10 Lessons I Learned and Relearned

healthy habits self-care Dec 30, 2020

As like many people I am reflecting on this past year and wanted to take a moment to share 10 lessons I learned in 2020.

1. Family & Health First

If there is anything this year has show us is that our family and our families health matter. This year has been a trying year for so many people and my heart goes out to you if you lost anyone to covid19 or know someone who has. In our efforts we have learned to be more mindful and considerate to people around us an respect people’s health. During our lockdown quarantine so many of us got the opportunity to get close to people in our household and got closer to people because we were not able to see them. Regardless we realized that family and health are what matter the most!

2. Keep Showing Up

Covid19, the quarantine and everything else that I went through I confirmed that showing up is what I could do not only for myself but for you. Wellness to me, IS how we show up to the world. And with this year as full of anxiety, and uncertainty I reconfirmed that people like you, need people like me to show up for you. I am grateful to this lesson confirmation.

3. Enjoy the stillness

Covid19 and lockdown forced a lot of us to slow down and really sits in our feels. For some, this was super difficult. We all had to address and face parts of our lives we continued to put on the back burner because of excuses of being too busy. I took the time to get really comfortable with stillness, slowing down and protecting my sacred energy.

4. It feels good to feel good

Seriously my biggest take-away from 2020 was the palm to forehead realization that by inviting more things into my life that make me feel good I actually am raising my vibrational energy. Wow! So in learning this simple rule of thumb, I decided , kind of later in the year, to do activities, interact with people, do things for myself that made ME FEEL GOOD!

5. Abundance is literally everywhere

This year was a HUGE shift for me from scarcity mindset to abundance. Abundance is literally everywhere, it was just the mindset shift I needed for me to see that. Abundance in love, friendship, opportunities, cash flow, creativity you name it, it’s out there. 

6. A morning routine can change everything

I am sure you have heard this from me for as long as you have been part of the Sarita Wellness community. A morning routine literally is life changing. Although it may look differently to you than to me, mine is sacred. My morning walks to watch the sunrise, yoga, hot tea and journaling has given me the nourishment I have needed in order to keep going and appreciate myself.

7. Its all inside of you

Do you remember the scene in Wizard of Oz where Dorthy realizes that everything she was looking for was right there at home? Yep the lesson there is that we have everything we need right inside of us.  If you are starting a new biz, learning a new hobby, in a new relationship or took a new job, you don’t need to go searching the globe for that thing. It’s all right inside of you, your magic and your power is infinite!

8. Self Talk Matters

How we talk to ourselves matter. The internal dialogue the constant chatter, it matters. I have found during times when my mind is just going, like when I am driving, washing dishes or even taking a shower. Be mindful of what comes up. I suggest being proactive in your thoughts by having a dialogue with yourself in positivity. When negative thoughts come up? Thank them for being there because it gives you the opportunity to evaluate and let them go if needed. Love on yourself more!

9. Confidence Comes with Exposure

This is part of my lesson in showing up. You know the videos you see of people playing and instrument, or dancing, Tiktok videos, IG lives, youtube  etc and there blow you away? It’s because they have practiced over and over and over.  The first take, the first step is going to be messy AF, but you know what? The more you keep doing it, it becomes 2nd nature. Check this out, when I switched Sarita Wellness into an Empowerment Biz for Latinas and Women of Color, I was sooooo hesitant how to even talk about all that, but I kept talking, sharing and doing videos. Now I feel like I know what I’m kinda doing! LOL!

10. Keep it simple

My motto for life and my business is simple. From streamlining things in business, to just figuring out a life problem. Keep it simple. We make things SO much more complicated for ourselves so often. Keeping it simple is there is always a solution and options.


These things I learned and re-learned this year, and am carrying into the next year 2021.


Sending you and your loved ones warm wishes and the Happiest New Year!


See you next year!



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