Ep.033 Healing From My Healing

In this episode, Sarita shares her personal journey and experiences from 2019 to 2023. She reflects on her transformational moments, quitting her nine-to-five job, rekindling an old flame, joining a transformational program, and feeling like a failure. Sarita discusses the challenges she faced, including seeking completion outside of herself and the deep-seated belief that her worth and value equated to the energy she put into relationships and her business. She shares her journey of self-discovery and healing, leading up to a monumental trip to Sedona. In this episode, Sarita reflects on her healing journey and the challenges she has faced. She shares her experience of going on a transformative trip to Sedona and how it helped her release emotional baggage. Sarita talks about the process of putting the puzzle pieces of her life back together and drawing her energy back into herself. She discusses the feelings of being closed off, defensive, and resentful that arose during her healing journey. Sarita also explores the emotions of feeling lost, cheated, and frustrated with her progress. She questions what needs to change and shares her journey of self-discovery and healing.


Breakdown Of The Episode: 

06:16 Transformational Time in 2019

07:11 Quitting the Nine-to-Five Job

11:30 Feeling Like a Failure

13:22 Cracking Open and Reflecting on 2022

21:50 Intention for an Expansive Year

25:12 Looking Outside for Completeness

26:26 Understanding the Deep-Seated Belief

27:52 Accumulation of Life's Challenges in 2023

28:49 Feeling Heartbroken and Bitter

31:07 Drawing Energy Back into Myself

32:30 Becoming Closed Off and Defensive

38:14 Winter Mode and Non-Action

42:06 Overgiving and Feeling Frustrated

43:28 Anger and Bargaining with the Universe

45:24 Questioning What's Not Working

56:00 Gratitude for the Journey

57:24 Shift in Energy and New Beginnings


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