Over the course of the last couple of years, Sarita has helped many 1:1 clients completely rewire their mindsets, create an intentional life, help develop the best relationship with themselves & manifest things like money, relationships and career opportunities. 
If you want big results you’ve come to the right page.
Sarita Buer’s unique wholistic coaching style combines intuitive work and mindset work  will help you reignite your inner voice and reclaim your power. This process is to to help you get your subconscious mind completely on board with every single goal and desire that you have for your career/business, finances, relationships, and health. She combines her knowledge and expertise as a NLP (short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner, Masters Degree and Coaching experience.
Sarita has a knack for blending her own intuition and her insatiable thirst for knowledge on subjects like the subconscious mind, psychology, and spirituality to give you the most effective strategies to get your out of your head, into your heart and seeing results like you’ve never seen before.

1:1 Coaching Is RIGHT For You If You Are:

  • Looking for more out of life than JUST money or success – You want to experience ALL of life and what it has to offer you. And you’re seeking fufillment.
  • 100% ready to invest in yourself and play a bigger game than you’ve ever played before.
  • 1000% ready to take radical responsibility for every single aspect of your life and experience through occasional tough love Sarita style. 
  • Coachable AF and ready to do whatever it takes to see results.

1:1 Coaching Is NOT RIGHT For You If You Are:

  • Looking for a hand-holder (I do NOT endorse co-dependency coaching. My goal is to empower you to master your mindset, emotions, and patterns so that you can get results even when we are not working together).
  • Looking for someone "fix" all your problems without doing the inner work
  • Still playing the blame game for why certain things happened to you in your past.

Investment Options

There are a few options 1:1 with Sarita.

Abundance Activation Sesh




Abundance Activation is a powerful way to break through any challenge in a very short period of time. This session is focused on your specific need.

• Get a crystal clear awareness for what’s holding you back from attracting and receiving abundance and an action-plan to remove your blocks 

• Uncover scarcity-thinking that may be sabotaging you from healing through your blocks, receiving your abundance and amplifying your impact

• You’ll leave the session with clarity,  re-energized and inspired action to call in more abundance and growth in you life


(Includes a pre-coaching assessment to make the most of our session).


Release To Receive More!


3 Payments of $1050


Great to follow the Abundance Activation Session so you can continue to uncover the abundance blocks in your life.

Release what is holding you back in order to receive what you desire. 


  • 6 x 45-minute 1:1 coaching calls total
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation for financial abundance
  • Time Technique Hypnosis
  • EFT (Tapping)
  • Mindset Work 
  • Weekday 9-5p PST Voxer Support

All 6 sessions are recorded so you can go back to them anytime you desire! 


1:1 Sarita Wellness VIP Experience

Min 3 Month Commitment


3 x 60-minute coaching calls/month to help you make bold decisions around your intentional life 

Accountability and monthly planning support to help keep you on track and moving forward. 


Weekday 9-5p PST Voxer Support 

Full access to all programs available 

(Includes pre-coaching call to help us get on the same page for your success)  

Due to the level of commitment for this package, 3 months is the minimum time frame to work together.


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