Ep.032: Enlightenment: My Trip To Sedona

In this episode, Sarita shares her transformative trip to Sedona. She explains how she received a dream download to visit Sedona and felt encouraged to book the trip. Sarita reflects on her previous visit to Sedona as a child and her desire to make this trip spiritual. She shares her experience of attending a sweat lodge ceremony on New Year's Eve and the profound impact it had on her. Sarita also discusses the importance of self-reflection and realizing what truly matters in life. She expresses her gratitude for the transformative journey in Sedona.


Below Is An Outline of The Episode: 

00:00 Introduction and Invitation to Watch on YouTube

00:56 Dream Download to Visit Sedona

03:16 Feeling Depleted and Encouraged by the Dream

04:23 Previous Visit to Sedona as a Child

05:15 Making the Trip Spiritual

06:37 Recommendation for a Native American Shaman

07:31 Preparing for the Trip

08:52 Detour to the Grand Canyon

09:19 Arriving in Sedona and Feeling the Energy Shift

14:21 Sweat Lodge Ceremony on New Year's Eve

22:40 Hiking and Reflecting on the Journey

25:15 Experiencing Self through Sacred Ceremony

26:42 Realizing the Things That Matter

28:10 Conclusion and Gratitude for Sedona


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