Ep.031 Seeking Completion: My Self-Love Reflections

In this episode, Sarita reflects on her self-love journey in 2023 and it’s impact on her old identity.  Sarita discusses the how being “the hero” of her story by being an over giver ended up being more harmful to her than helpful. She opens up about her perpetual state of a repeated pattern of behavior that has kept her looking outside herself for completeness. Sarita emphasizes the significance of self-love in the manifestation process and why it’s an important missing key.



Embrace change and trust the process of transformation.

Recognize and break free from repeating patterns that no longer serve you.

Seek completeness within yourself rather than relying on external validation.

Practice self-love as a key component of manifestation.



00:00 Introduction

01:18 Feeling a Shift

06:03 Self-Love Journey in 2023

09:39 Repeating Patterns

13:49 Seeking Completeness Outside of Self

16:15 Self-Love vs. Self-Practice

19:00 Conclusion


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