Ep.030 Abundance Chat Series: Misty Laboy

In this very first “Abundance Chat” of the year I had an amazing conversation with Misty Laboy.  Misty shares her journey to self-love and how she helps others transform inside and out. She discusses her background in makeup and beauty, her transition to weight loss and lifestyle changes, and her realization that self-love goes beyond appearances. Misty also talks about the importance of going inward, embracing authenticity, and breaking patterns. She shares her experience with an ayahuasca ceremony and how it deepened her understanding of self-love. Misty emphasizes the alignment of self-love with lifestyle changes and the importance of creating abundance in relationships. Andy as Misty puts it beautifully “Love is our most abundant resource!”


Misty Laboy, is Master Makeup Artist, Weight Loss Advisor, and Self-Love Mentor and she empowers women to discover their worth beyond appearances, and embrace their own self-love journey. 💗


Below is a outlined of our conversation:

00:00 Introduction to Misty Laboy

01:25 Misty's Journey to Self-Love

04:04 Transformation during the Pandemic

05:41 Misty's Background in Makeup and Beauty

07:27 Transition to Weight Loss and Transformation

08:28 Discovering Self-Love and Embracing Authenticity

11:10 The Importance of Going Inward

13:20 Realizing the Depth of Self-Love

14:27 Ayahuasca Ceremony and Self-Realization

17:16 Unearthing Authenticity and Breaking Patterns

19:54 Aligning Self-Love with Lifestyle Changes

22:16 Seeking Validation and Completeness

24:56 Creating Abundance in Relationships

26:48 Transitioning from Self-Love to Outward Love

29:20 Abundance as Health, Love, Happiness, and Peace of Mind

36:02 Words of Wisdom for Those on a Self-Love Journey


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