Ep.023 Self Embrace Series: Griselda Beck

**Explicit material within this podcast around sex and sexuality


Living life “just enough” is a mediocre experience

In this week’s episode of Back To Here With Sarita I had the pleasure of speaking to one of my best friends, Scorpio, Sex & Intimacy Coach Griselda Beck.

When only experience the life we want to live by how deep we go and for us to fully experience LIVING we need to be willing to go DEEP. If you’re not willing to risk the full pain, you cannot get the full pleasure of life. Griselda shares with us her journey of Self-Love and the steps she has taken to be more in her body, so she can respond with full body YES instead of a half-hearted NO.

This is a VERY juicy episode that you don’t want to miss. It is explicit and we talk about sex, sexuality and love and relationships throughout. If you are looking to grow more intimate with yourself, this is the episode to listen to!

Griselda Beck is a powerhouse speaker and coach that combines her executive expertise, with transformational leadership, mindset, life coaching and heart-centered divine feminine energy principles to empower women across the globe step into their power, authenticity, hearts and sensuality to create incredible success in their business and freedom in their lives.  


Below is a outlined of our conversation:


3:47.072 Griselda’s intimacy journey that lead to her body work

7:34.546 The mind body connection during trauma

12:18.274 The point of recognition when she felt disconnected from body source

14:18.670 Saying YES when your body says no

16:00.117 Symptoms to avoiding her pain

21:32.022 Finding your YES & building up that muscle

24:06.193 Boundaries are for us to uphold

26.16.543 What we experience in the bedroom is a reflection of what we experience in life.

28:47557 What Self-Trust is

31:19.800 Honoring our full body YES

34:25.879 Tying it in with manifesting

35:56.698 Creating the extraordinary experience with boundaries

41:19.912 Building the intuitive muscle

44:15.895 Creating a path for what’s possible

45:47.163 Relationships are a mirror

46:57.837 We are powerful creators of our reality

52:36.021 Tying it all together with intuition

54:31.782 What Self-Love is to Griselda


Connect with Griselda at https://www.instagram.com/latinabosscoach


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