Ep.020 The Self Embrace Series: Vanessa Castillo

Stepping into to purpose by becoming your most authentic self..

In this weeks Self Embrace Story series I had the pleasure of connecting with my friend Vanessa Castillo as we spoke about getting more real and up close to the self.

We have been conditioned to be taken away from the self, or fragmented in our approach to self which leads us down a path of not being true to ourselves and potentially unhappiness.

Vanessa is a soulful and creative entrepreneur. As the founder of The Rich Girl Mindset and VCV Agency, she inspires individuals to embrace their authentic selves. Vanessa serves as a life and business coach, mentor, speaker, and talk show host. She creates alignment between mind, body, soul, and purpose, empowering positive shifts. With The Rich Girl Mindset, she fosters a community of connection, collaboration, and empowerment.

This episode is REAL talk around our identity and how it can mold and change over time and helps us with our purpose. Vanessa has a wonderful story to share and has lives a rich and colorful life.


This episode is deep and has some laughs.  Below is an outline of our conversation.


2:41.915 Breaking from the mold & getting to know oneself

4:34:175 Dating yourself to get to know yourself

07:07:556 Stepping outside the comfort zone

08:34:597 Going against what was projected onto self

12:05:050 Creating the identity of whom you want to become

15:33.047 Being your most authentic self

16:40.115 Giving up our power in fragmentation & coming back to authenticity

18:11.652 The information age vs. home to self

21.02.897 Pouring into our own selves is imperative for our mind, body and soul

23:19.435 What is purpose?

27:25.596 Finding joy in the mundane

29.39:040 Our purpose is always evolving  as we evolve

30.27.770 How clarity plays a part in the journey

34:38.765 What self-love is to Vanessa

38:02.415 Breathwork as a form of self-care

29:40.897 Go-to tools for self-care and self-love

44:12.277 Rich Girl Mindset Events coming up

50:31.263 Moving through fear regardless


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