Ep.019 The Self Embrace Series: Jen Venegas

Accessing grief as a part of healing.

This episode it fitting as today commemorates 22 years ago was 9/11 and there are still people out there grieving the loss of their loved ones.

If you have lost someone, a pet, or even grieving a breakup or ANY loss in general this episode is wonderful for you.

I had to pleasure of sitting down with Jen Venegas to speak about how her accessing her grief actually allowed herself to heal the parts of herself she felt like she had lost.

Jen  is a queer non-binary bruje. They offer spiritual healing and guidance through a decolonized perspective

**if you know someone who is working through loss of any kind, please make sure to share this episode with them.


Below is an outline of our conversation:

2:13.046 The role they had to assume once their father passed away

3:57.783 The grief resurfaced when their cats passed away

4:36.909 Connecting to spirituality as part of the healing process

11:14.513 What opened up the gateway from grieving to healing

15:42.992 The importance of community when it comes to healing

19:24.543 Strengthening the intuitive muscle

24:51.163 Our spiritual and emotional connection with our pets

31:15.245 Just because someone is not here in the physical doesn’t mean there is a loss of connection

32:57.227 The experience of healing and grief doesn’t need to look a certain way

41:17.102 What self-love is to Jen

43:35.709 Allowing the process to flow however it needs to


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