Ep.018 The Self Embrace Series: Guest Nikki Gal

Limitless creative freedom that helps balance the soul..

In today’s Episode  of Self Embrace Stories, Sarita converses with Nikki Gal, entrepreneur, Artist, Speaker and Advocate around all things that made her journey of self discovery from the modeling industry unique.

Nikki is an artist and creative at heart, and so the importance of having the space and freedom to cultivate that within her life, is very important to her.

Her journey from the modeling industry to being a Mental Health Advocate and Speaker came with fostering her inner peace and wellness.

Nikki is passionate about all things self-care and creating intentional spaces where women can be within their authenticity.

Find an outline of our discussion below. 


1.55.958 Nikki shares her story of how she got into modeling

4:15.296 Stepping into entrepreneurship

5.22.438 Tapping into limitless creative freedom as a woman

10.02.398 The importance of reflecting and stress relief through journaling

11.56.297 Embracing your power through possibilities

14.13.615 Becoming a Mental Health Advocate and creating Raw Talk

20.19.008 We are not defined by other people’s labels

25.22.195 The importance of Self-Care to avoid burnout

29.06.432 Creating a routine for self-care that is intentional without the commercialization

33.38.428 How Art has been one of Nikki’s favorite’s creative expressions

38.17.229 Discovering our self worth

43.07.602 Nikki’s 3 Nuggets of Wisdom


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