Ep.017 The Self Embrace Series: Guest Cynthia Gutierrez

Embodiment has become a buzzword in the personal development and spiritual spaces. But what is it really?

If you are wondering what embodiment is and how you can relate it to your life and healing practices this is the episode to listen to.

Sarita’s conversation with Cynthia an Embodiment Coach go over everything trauma healing, nervous system and movement. Cynthia shares with us her personal experience as a dancer and using that modality in releasing energy through the embodiment of dance.

Cynthia Gutierrez is the creator of Embodied Ritual which guides conscious moms to regulate their nervous systems so they can come back home to their true selves, genuinely enjoy their passions, and finally become the parent they’ve always dreamed of being. She is launching her 8 week Group Coaching Program Embodiment Meditation in August 2023.


Below is an outline of our conversation and ways in which you can get in touch with Cynthia:


1:33.700 How Cynthia and I met

3:06.615 Cynthia’s Self Love Story through dance

6:24.651 How her approach to dance shifted as she learned to express herself

10.00.839 What is embodiment? And how can you experience it.

13.56.238 Quieting the nervous system to come back to self

16.01.308 How motherhood shifted the way Cynthia related to her body and nervous system

18.10.299 Out bodies share consciously share communication with each other

20.10.221 The power of our nervous system

21.39.480 Tying together the nervous system and embodiment practices for healing and releasing energy

28.16.166 Our nervous system and body holds wisdom and intellect

31.17.967 Cynthia shares how these practices have helped her come home to self

37.07.751 Cynthia’s Embodiment Meditation Offer

41.35.241 The power of time and timing

43.56.341 What Self-Love is to Cynthia

50.36.656 Spotlight moments when we stand in our empowerment and decision


You can connect with Cynthia at https://www.instagram.com/embodiedritual and join her FREE Masterclass on August 22nd: Discover How to Easily Sustain a Meditation Practice, Even With a Busy Schedule!  https://www.embodiedritual.com/meditate 


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