Ep.016 Manifesation & Self-Love within Dating & Relationships

This a unique approach to talking about self-love, mindset and manifesting within relationships and dating.

Come learn how we are the creators of our reality within relationships and how the lack of self-love can actually cause you to create situations that are not in your favor.

Sarita shares how within her 8 year relationship that NOT taking ownership helped her to see the patterns she didn’t want to be played out over and over again.

Even in dating, it is good to be intentional and come from the energy of love and not control when you want something to manifest. See how trying to control your outcomes can actually lead you farther away from your desired wishes.

Everything is covered from being a people pleasure, seeking validation, anxious attachments and even being a controller!

This episode for everyone, single, in a relationship or getting out there and dating again. There is something for you here to learn about how you can show up as the more loved version of yourself so you can manifest what it is you desire within any dynamic!


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