Ep.015 The Self Embrace Series: Guest Leah Forney

**Trigger Warning Sensitive Material Ahead, please listen and view at your discretion.

Another Self-Embrace Story Series for you with a beautiful conversation with Leah Forney who shares her experience of being Sexually Assaulted and her journey of becoming a Sexual Assault Survivor and Educator. 

Leah is a highly-rated & sought after transformative speaker, author, & coach with 6+ years of

experience in the media industry. Leah works with individuals, groups, and organizations to attract more media attention, increase their profits, and build their authority in their industry. Leah is also the founder and host of Hey Queen, Thrive! Podcast.

The Episode is extremely powerful because Leah shares her experience as a Sexual Assault Survivor and the trauma she experienced but through sharing her story she has come home to her self even MORE.

The episode isn't ALL about the survival, in fact quite the opposite, there is empowerment and the reclaiming from within that happens and it is IN those moments when we find our true essence and our deeper path to healing ourselves.

Make sure to share this episode with anyone who is struggling form recovery and be sure to have them reach out to Leah for support.


Below is an outline of our conversation and ways in which you can get in touch with Leah.


1:52.622 Her story of rejection and using writing as a creative outlet that lead her to become a Published Author 8 times

7:00.970 The somatic practice of pen to paper and it’s benefit

9:42.450 Leah’s shares her Sexual Assault Survival Story (please note this section is sensitive material- listener discretion advised)

18.45.909 The question that Leah asked herself that changed her trajectory

20.35.451 The words of self compassion Leah would have said to her old self going through this experience

23.37.151 The power of forgiving yourself and releasing the guilt

29.38.880 The power of emotions

33.04.274 Leah shares the different dynamics in her life and how they come together and light her up

38.31.185 Words of Wisdom : Doing it Afraid and Trust

42.09.886 Looking for evidence in reality that things work out for our best

43.06.803 What Self-Love means to Leah


Connect with Leah at [email protected] or at www.leahmforney.com


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