Ep.012 Outsourcing My Worth: My Adoption Story Part 1

It was June 1983 and Sarita was uprooted from homeland, language and culture.

This week marks 40 years that Sarita came to the states through international adoption.

Believe it nor not Sarita’a adoption identity has been a big part of her healing journey.  It’s been a complicated part of her life that she is still unpacking.

Sarita is what is called a International Transracial Adoptee, so she came to this country through international adoption and went into a family that was of a different race and culture than her own. Being raised in a family entity where she did not LOOK like my family members (other than her adopted sister) left her feeling a whole lot of feelings of inadequacy and feelings of “not being enough”

In this special episode celebrating 40 years being in the states she unpacks the complicated layers she has lived through her whole life. This is a 2 part series where she dives into how giving others the agency to tell her “enoughness” and worth ended up causing her to operate in a way that was not giving her the love she so desperately needed.

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