Ep.011 Meditation and The Breath

One of the key components to connecting with self, is through the avenue of meditation and breathing.

It’s no doubt that meditation is an ancient practice that more people are bringing forth into our modern day society because so many of us suffer from overwhelm which can lead to anxiety, depression and all sorts of other challenging emotional wellness concerns.

As a continuation of Sarita's last episode, Episode 10 where she shares her mental health and wellbeing story, she provides to you the benefits of meditation through a more scientific lens.

As a bonus, starting at 9:12 min she gives you a simple Breathing Centering Meditation you can do at anytime when you are feeling anxious and also can do as a proactive approach to you wellness.

As usual this episode is short and sweet and will provide you another opportunity to add additional wellness tools to your tool belt. Make sure to add this one to your favorites so you can come back to it at anytime!


Skip ahead to the: Your Breathing Centering Meditation at the times below

Start 9:12

End 13:21


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