Ep.010 Proactive Emotional Wellness vs. Reactive

May is Mental Health Awareness month and the topic of emotional wellness has been a big part of Sarita Wellness and Sarita’s story.

In this episode Sarita shares her struggle with mental health during the time she was an insomniac for 5 years and how that time taught her so much about herself.

Mental Health as we know, is not a diagnosis or something that just effects a few, it effects us all as we navigate this wild world were we are thrust into especially as adults. Learning to take the view of emotional wellbeing from a reactive state to a proactive state is where things started to shift for Sarita.

Listen in as Sarita shares 5 things she wish she had known about emotional wellbeing when she was having her breakdowns. These 5 points will help you shift your perspective on how to approach your mental wellbeing.

If you know someone who struggles with mental health and or emotional wellbeing, please share this bite size episode with them, it will be supportive. 

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