Ep.008 The Self Embrace Series: Guest Denese Duran

For the first time ever on a public platform, Denese shares her vulnerable story around her substance abuse problem with alcohol and her story of recovery the self-compassion she found along the way. Even though you may not have ever experienced this type of recovery, it is still a must listen with all the nuggets of wisdom Denese serves to us. It’s an enlightening conversation that anyone can relate to.

Denese Duran is one of the founders of the Podcasters of NJ, a podcast incubator, Podcasters Unlimited, a podcast network and consultancy, serving as its CEO. One of the latest podcasts, Creencias, is their first bilingual podcast. Additionally, Denese and her Partner Ann Smith founded and created" PODWORK. "The Podcast Network Conference" is tailored to podcast networks and podcasters where they can connect. Her career, Denese holds her master's degree in social work from Kean University in New Jersey and is a Licensed Social Worker.


Below is a breakdown of the episode:

2:05 Denese introduces herself and reclaiming her power after newly turning 40

3:50 Reflects on her creative experiences turning into being a podcaster

8:48 Talks about her story about alcohol dependency and how resistance was a big part of her journey

11:55 When she came to terms with needing help

12:24 How resisting pain is actually NOT living life in integrity with yourself

16:42 The effect of holding onto a secret and not speaking up about it

18:05 The process of how Denese opened up and took accountability and realized how much she was hurting others

20:07 The Happiness Trap

22: 14 Taking ownership, the switch from powerlessness and victimhood

28:03 Formulating a new identity through self-compassion and self-love

29:53 Learning how to slow down and being alone and love yourself again

32:30 Accepting all of yourself at every moment

34:32 The difference between solitude vs being alone

35:38 The power of our thoughts and words

37:55 Gratidue and coming back to the present and your values

41:15  3 tips for someone going through breakdown

47:27 The importance of grounding our body

52:35 Vulnerability is courageous



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