Ep.005 The Self Embrace Series: Guest Jessica Derksen

Welcome to "Back To Here With Sarita Podcast". This is a SPECIAL episode called Self-Embrace Series where I have guest on my show that share their healing stories of coming back to themselves.

Today I had my first guest Jessica who shares her journey that has brought her to a place where she can help others with what she has gone through. Jessica Derksen is the founder of "True to You Lifestyle" and she is a certified health and life coach. Jessica’s clients learn how to control difficult situations, overcome mental obstacles, and understand themselves to effectively motivate themselves and their teams in achieving their desired outcomes.

Connect with Jessica at the following Social Media accounts:





Skip to the following minutes to listen in on the following points:

2.00 Jessica’s journey of healing and transformation

4.19 Intercorrelation and connection of energy in different aspects of our life

5.44 Realization and 3 steps to come back to “remembering” who you are and setting up for success

9.18 The change that occurred after implementation

10.30 How this implementation is self-love

13.40 Reflecting on how our thoughts create our reality

15.28 How “feeling good” allowed Jessica to create a better life

17.53 When you take care of yourself it opens up the doors to so much more

18.34 Focusing more on our “identity work” to get the results we desire

22.19 Telling yourself “empowering lies”

25.14 The way we speak to ourselves matter

28.15 How the practice of speaking to ourselves is a path to self-love

29.40 How acknowledgement helps with our identity and self love

32.52 What is self-love & self-embracing according to Jessica

34.08 Nugget of Wisdom: What’s next for you on your path?


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