Epically Authentic & Empowered

It's time to reclaim that inner power!

Yes, I Want This!

Epically Authentic & Empowered

It's time to reclaim that inner power!

Yes, I Want This!

This program is for you if you are:

Feeling frustrated that you aren’t moving in the direction you desire to be going.

You want to live a more intential life; meaning you want to choose what it is you want to do

You desire to take care of your full being; mind, body and spirit but have not had the tools to do so. 



Three years ago that was just me. I was all over the place when it came to my life, I was settling and checking off boxes because I thought I had to.  I was living a the life that was expected of me because it was what I had been taught to do.

The big wake up call?

When I realized, I wasn't being the author of my own story. I was allowing things to happen to me instead of intentionally  and consciously creating. 

It wasn’t just the acknowledgment part that was transformational, it was learning how to implement the tools and modalities that allowed me to be fill up my cup so I could show up as my best self. 

Through a lot of trial and error I found that by honoring my sacred energy, not giving away my power was a way in which I was able to become more aligned and live the authentic life I was meant to live.



Understand your feminine power on a deeper level and how it can work with creating the life you desire. 


Get rid of the beliefs that are holding you back from obtaining what you desire. 


Get clarity on implementing and maintaining momentum through inspired action. 

Does this sound like something you desire?

If you answered yes. I got the thing just for you! 


Epically Authentic & Empowered is the program where you learn about your feminine power and  how to dig deeper into your subconscious to retrain your beliefs and live your most authentic life you were meant to live EVER!

Yes, I Want This!

You will discover how to...


Take Back Your Power 


I am sure you have heard of the phrase but what exactly does that mean?

Simply, power is energy. 

We spend a lot of our time giving our energy to things and to people that really don’t need our attention as much as we give it. Here are a few examples daily we give our power away:

  • Holding onto anger from an argument we had a while back
  • Gossiping and saying negative things about people we don’t like
  • Holding onto grudges
  • Not listening to your body and what it needs
  • Scrolling through social media and getting jealous
  • Listening to the internal dialogue telling yourself you aren't enough
  • Subjecting yourself to constant “business”
  • Not asking for help when you need it
  • Not taking breaks 

The list can go on, but you can see from these examples how easily we can give our power away. By reclaiming that power, holding it in sacredness is where we find true empowerment. 

Want to bring those pieces back home to fill up your cup?!


It is YOUR TIME to reclaim your power. You owe yourself that love that you so freely give to other people and things.

Because energy is power  and power is constantly in flow there is a way you can align your energy back to you to help you feel more:





This program will help you with exactly this. 


By joining you can get clarity on where you are in your life and where you need the extra assistance to maintain alignment in the direction you desire to be going.

Retrain your beliefs

Re-write your story

Upgrade your habits

Yes, I Want This!

Here is the breakdown...

Retrain Your Beliefs

From an early age we are projected by beliefs from our parents, our teacher, friends and society around what we are to believe and what we should believe about ourselves. Often because of the societal projections and personal experiences we subconsciously take on those beliefs that often harm us, keep us in our boxes and unable to move forward. 

The process of undoing a belief system takes years but in this module we will start uncovering and unearthing the beliefs that may be holding us back from living our most authentic life in this moment. It’s by digging deep and doing the work when the real magic starts to happen.

Rewrite Your Story

We are provided the opportunity every single day to choose our own story. We are the creators of our story, not anyone else. 

After letting go of thoughts or beliefs that no longer serve us, we need to replace them with the new re-trained belief system or new story that we desire to live. In this section you get to tools to help you not only envision the life you desire to live, but also start in the practice of living it. 

When we are claiming that piece of us, the part of us that desires to live the way we want to; empowerment and alignment are in process.

Upgrade Your Habits

When something is new to you it will take time for it to become a habit. Like brushing our teeth has become a part of our habitual routine so will your soul-care and self-love routine. 

Daily routines or as I like to call them rituals looks different to everyone, but there are a few ways in which help to maintain alignment with yourself and your needs. It’s in these small steps you take daily which will help you move the needle forward in the direction you desire to be. 

With any new habit it takes practice and daily maintenance. It is not something you do for a week or even a month to transform, it’s a lifestyle change.

Meet Your Instructor

Sarita is an Soul-Care, Mindset & Empowerment Coach. She guides women to go from overwhelm to deeply connected so they can thrive in wellbeing.    

Sarita was adopted from Central America to the US and raised by a single mother. Sarita unfortunately fell into the same cycle she saw presented to her.  After years of unhealthy abusive relationships, turning to drugs and alcohol for comfort, getting into massive debt, payday loan cycles and unhealthy consumption the trauma caught up with her.  After going through her healing awakening she quit her 15 year corporate job and became a coach to help other women to ignite their voice and speak up. 

Sarita's coaching style is created based on her personal experience of internalized unworthiness. This came from years of  people pleasing, doing what people expected of her and not claiming herself as the author of her own life.  Now she helps women to level up their lifestyle by breaking free from their limiting beliefs,  revolutionize their minds and reclaim their power in their authentic feminine.  


Here is what people are saying: 


Sarita is a beautiful soul. She created such a loving and non judgmental space for me to fully express myself. Her gentle guidance created a safe space for me to communicate my needs especially in regards to self care and she helped me come up with some wonderful ways I can include it in my daily life. I am grateful for her help and I would highly recommend her.

Working with Sarita 1:1 has been life changing because she creates a space where you can come as you are. She does an excellent job at understanding where I am coming from as a recovering people pleaser! 

Sarita is amazing in our 1:1 sessions. She asks just the right questions I need to hear and says things with patience and love. I appreciate the work she is doing in self-care spaces.

This Is For

  • Women who needing a reminder of the power they already hold
  • Women who desire to take time for themselves to get clarity on what they desire to attract into their lives 

This Is NOT For: 

  • Women who do not want to up-level their soul-care and get in touch with their feminine flow

  •  Women who don't desire to embody and do what it takes to become the next best version of themselves

Yes, I Want This!

You will walk away with...


The knowledge and empowerment to write your own story on your own terms. 

The understanding that soul-care is a radical act and we get the choice everyday to show up for ourselves

How to protect the energy you have worked so hard to obtain. 

One Time Payment


  • You own portal & sign-in to access the class anytime
  • Lifetime access to the modules
  • 3 Video Modules 
  • Worksheets for each modules
  • Meditation
  • Audio and Slides

This is your opportunity.. 

to understand the feminine energy you hold is powerful and your subconscious mind, your heart and higher-self wants to work with you to manifest your deepest desires. You owe yourself to energy and love you give away, it is your time to reclaim that for yourself NOW.