To the woman who knows she is putting everyone else first 


There are so many of us who are walking around doing, acting, being and living a life so disconnected from self that we forget to slow down and dial in. We go through the motions of the day without even being in tune or in touch with who we are, and it's destroying us slowly. 




Sarita's approach allowed me to get honest with who I am as a woman and how I am showing up for myself. I thought I was connected to self but I realized that it was all physical and not emotional.  Because of her coaching I was able to communicate clearly on a raise and I am now living in my dream home.  

Being disconnected and grasping at life sucks 

Especially if you are the kind of woman who tries hard to make a little time for yourself. And if you’re like most women you WANT to be able to show up in your life in all aspects. 

Well, the reality is this:

Whether you are a career woman, a mom, or single or wherever you are... your relationship WITH yourself matters..

Think about it!  No matter what season you are in, staying in self-connection is imperative for you to show up in life. 

The way we show up in this world is reflected from the relationship with ourselves. 

Being in self-connection doesn't just increase awareness, it also improves: 

Better Communication 

Less Stress

Stronger Intuition


Thriving Abundance

The way you give to yourself matters.

But HOW we give to ourselves matter too. Gone are the days where we can put our self-care on the back burner. It's our approach to self-care that matters and without the right approach we are doing ourselves a big diservice. 


The #1 Mistake You Are Making 

Your approach to self-care is the band-aid approach. You are treating yourself with temporary fixes and minor solutions that are not sustainable or long lasting. Band-aids fall off easily,  don't treat the inside nor hold a lot of weight.  

The #2 Mistake You Are Making 

You are trying to fill a vessel that has holes in it. In other words you keep filling up your well with self-care practices however your vessel is full of holes and by using the band-aid approach to self-care to patch up the holes, your vessel keeps loosing precious energy. 

It's a constant up and down, but guess what? It's not your fault. 

Being a woman who identities as BIPOC we have been socialized and lead to believe by a main-stream capitalistic society that our health and wellness should be back burner to the greater good. That means from early on, we are lead to believe that self-care is only about taking care of ourselves on the outside.



What they want us to think self-care is. 

When in reality self-care is so much more than just the physical temporary fix. 

You, my friend, hold the power..

By changing the way we see self-care we change how self-care works for us. By taking the steps daily to fill our cup with approaches that are long sustaining, we are able to take back our power and reclaim our lives so we can thrive.


Women are hearing the call louder and louder

I call this the soul call. The call to dive deep, heal and lead. The call to go inward and to find sustainable happiness that isn't dependent on that romantic partner, that job, that compliment, or money. This soul call is calling people back HOME to their soul home.


Imagine for just a moment...

...that you had a process for building a deep connection with yourself

...imagine coming home to yourself

...imagine you could have this as little as a few minutes a day?

And you already know once you have a system set into place, you can go back to it over and over again and be able to mold and change it for any season?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because... it’s here.




The Self Embrace Collective is a membership community created by and for BIPOC Women​ to connect with themselves, create better relationships in their lives and thrive by nourishing their minds and hearts. ​They are ready to do the work. They are ready to love themselves more, they just need the roadmap, the love, and the extra push to ​give themselves ​the​ confidence and worth​ they deserve. ​

Here is what's included 

Magical Membership

Yearly membership and community with other BIPOC women. 

Bi-Monthly Live Workshops 

Join bi-monthly for a live workshop, guest speakers, group coaching, activity and Q&A based on the theme of the month.

Private Facebook-like Group 

Receive support from me and your fellow members in the private Facebook-like group. Connect with Soul Family/Friends and share wins!

Bonus Material

Access to Meditations, Journal Prompts,  & essential oil blends based on the theme each month. 

Exclusive Video Content 

Receive an exclusive video each month  related to the monthly theme via a newsletter. 


Receive discounts on 1:1 coaching, courses, Bi-Yearly Women's Healing Circle, access to the library of content, and so much MORE!

I'm Ready To Join!

It's for the women..

  • that want sisterhood and community

  • who is ready to put in the work to nourish their hearts and minds
  • that are ready to heal and wants to be held accountable to living as authentically herself as possible

  • craving motivation to keep her feeling aligned to her soul desires, and inspired!

  • ready to rise into their power, her courage, her truth, her passion, her most whole confident self!


Sarita is amazing in our 1:1 sessions. She asks just the right questions I need to hear and says things with patience and love. I appreciate the work she is doing in self-care spaces.


Sarita is a beautiful soul. She created such a loving and non judgmental space for me to fully express myself. Her gentle guidance created a safe space for me to communicate my needs especially in regards to self care and she helped me come up with some wonderful ways I can include it in my daily life. I am so excited for her membership community! 


I have worked with other coaches before and nobody has helped me get more clear on my true life's desires like Sarita. What I was not doing before was allowing myself to move through the uncertainty, forgive myself and trust myself along the way. She is true magic! 

How often do we pay for gym memberships to keep our bodies in shape, but we don’t invest the same into our mindset and soul expansion?


This is a membership for your mind, heart, and soul! 

So you may be asking..what's my investment?


Because I value getting connected to self in this unique approach I am providing a unique approach as well for the investment. Through the Month of October 2021, I am providing a Founding Member's Price. You, as one of the first members of this community, get this price locked in regardless of price increase in the future. That means you are grandfathered into this price point for LIFE!


Your Investment:
Just 6 payments of $176.00 per month or save over $150 when you pay in full. 

Founders Price 6 Month Payment Plan


  •  A Magical Monthly Membership
  •  Community with other women just like you
  • New topic theme each month 
  •  Bi-Monthly LIVE Workshop or Group Coaching 
  •  Monthly Journaling Prompt
  •  Monthly Audio Meditations
  •  One Guest speaker per month on topic
  • Exclusive video related material via Newsletter
  •  Bi- Yearly Women’s Healing Circle
  • Discounts on 1:1 coaching, courses and more!

Founders Price Yearly Discount Rate


  •  A Magical Monthly Membership
  •  Community with other women just like you
  • New topic theme each month 
  •  Bi-Monthly LIVE Workshop or Group Coaching 
  •  Monthly Journaling Prompt
  •  Monthly Audio Meditations
  •  One Guest speaker per month on topic
  • Exclusive video related material via Newsletter
  •  Bi- Yearly Women’s Healing Circle
  • Discounts on 1:1 coaching, courses and more!