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What would it feel like to attract you soulmate client with ease?

I mean imagine people reaching out to you, DM you, emailing you to work with you? How amazing would that be? ! Wouldn't it be a confidence booster or what? Well believe it or not this is your opportunity to get the guided direction you need in order to take your business to the next level so you can actually do this! How do you do this you may ask?


Sharing from your story! 


It's time to ignite your voice, share you message and story with confidence.
Sarita's NEW training program will succinctly teach you how to START attracting the soul-mate client that you desire to work with, build your brand and finally develop the followership you've always wanted.
You don't need a list, a following, or even a product YET. Sarita’s job is to show you how to build a well-respected brand based on your voice, message and story first. You can inspire people with what you know and you CAN find your soul-mate client that’s out there waiting to work with you! It's time to monetize your life's story and passions. The Expand Your Brand Roadmap gives you the framework to get started!




Here's Is What You Will Learn!


  • The Importance Of Having A Brand: How building a brand is imperative to not only stand out as an authority but also to attract your soulmate client.
  • Telling Your Story + Building Credibility: If you’ve ever doubted your ability to help people or identify as a leader in your niche, this lesson will help to reposition the way you perceive yourself and draw from your experiences and story to stand out!
  • Your Message: Create a highly effective message by letting your audience know exactly who you serve
  • Your Dream Client Will Come To YOU: You’ll discover by creating deep connections through your message and story within your niche your soul-mate client will come to you instead of you searching for them.
  • Mindset Work Right Now: 20% is the human footsteps and the rest, 80% is mindset. In order to attract your ideal client, you need to already be acting and embodying that person
  • Getting Crystal Clear Clarity: the most important thing you can do is having clarity on your ideal client. Without clients there is no business.
  • Mindful Marketing : Since you already have learned who your ideal client is you know their pain points and struggles. They will immediately be attracted to you because you have the solution they have been looking for!

Your Instructor

Sarita focuses on empowering womxn to courageously ignite their voice, share their message with courage and clarity so they attract their soulmate clients. She is the Founder and CEO of Sarita Wellness, a wholistic approach to mindset, lifestyle and business.

She helps womxn to level up their lifestyle, leave the job that doesn't ignite them and turn their knowledge into an on-line creation that not only allows them the freedom they deserve but to lead with a generous heart by sharing their knowledge, gifts and talents to be a catalyst for making change in the world.

I want to see you succeed !

Say yes to yourself, your business and the clients lives you are going to transform!


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